3,000 Jobs Hang in Balance as SRC Votes on “Doomsday Budget”

Today, the School Reform Commission is essentially voting on whether to doom the Philadelphia Public School District as we know it. The school district is facing a $300 million deficit, and in order to make up that money, a proposal on the table is to eliminate all arts, music, and athletics programs, and would result in the termination of all assistant principles and guidance counselors too. As many as 3,000 layoffs could occur, according to Superintendent William Hite.

Here’s hoping that if the SRC does vote ‘yea’ on the budget, it motivates Harrisburg, City Hall, and the teachers’ union to pony up the necessary funding and concessions, respectively, that would close the gap. The most concrete plan so far is Michael Nutter’s $95 million proposal to raise liquor and cigarette taxes. [AP]