Rob Zombie: “Broad Street Bullies” Movie Kind of Like A Horror Flick

Rob Zombie, the goth-metal rocker and horror movie director, sat down with the Washington Post recently for some questions about his career. He talked briefly about his forthcoming movie about the great Philadelphia Flyers “Broad Street Bullies” teams of the 1970s:

AP: You grew up a (Boston) Bruins fan, and are now doing a movie on the Flyers.

Rob Zombie: Someone just came to me who had the rights to the story and didn’t know I was a hockey fan. He had seen “The Devil’s Rejects” and for once, someone could look past the subject and just at the film. He said: “This movie feels like it was made in that time period. This movie has the spirit of what I can see a ‘70s hockey movie.” And that’s how it happened.

Here that, kids? Making horror movie is just like making a hockey film.