WATCH: “F— Cancer” Hats Banned at King of Prussia Mall

6ABC reports that women wearing hats emblazoned with “Fuck Cancer”—a pink ribbon strategically placed where the “C” would be in the “F” word—were kicked out of the King of Prussia Mall on Sunday.

While they were buying funeral dresses.

For the funeral of their mother, who died last week … of cancer.

“The logo, the saying, is the only expression that I feel is strong enough to defeat the word, defeat the disease,” said Zakia Clark, whose 51-year-old mother, Jackie Underwood, died last week.

Where the story turns slightly absurd when you realize—as the sisters pointed out—that stores in the mall carry a variety of profane clothing objects. King of Prussia Mall is fine selling you such apparel, apparently, as long as you keep it in a (metaphorical) brown paper bag until it leaves their campus. “To say they don’t want that in their mall, but they sell it… it just wasn’t right,” said Makia Underwood. “It wasn’t right to kick us out, and you sell things with curse words on them.”

Mall officials defended their decision to keep the patrons—or their hats, at least—curse free. But they also expressed condolences and offered to donate to the anti-cancer charity of the sisters’ choice.

Oh, and: Fuck cancer. Right?