Maxim Hot 100 Girls Have Philly-Area Roots

One's snorted cornmeal, another has a "vagina tattoo."

What does the Maxim Hot 100 and the race for city controller have in common? Pretty much nothing, save for the fact that both involve voting and, oddly enough, Philadelphia. Four lovely women with roots in the Delaware Valley made it to Maxim’s roundup of the most smokin’ babes around (and only two of them are ranked lower than Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend and the attorney general of California). Here are the locals who made the list and a few honorable mentions who deserve consideration, all of whom look way better in bikinis than either Brett Mandel or Alan Butkovitz.

#85. Aubrey Plaza
It’s likely that Wilmington’s sardonic Parks & Recreation actress perfected her eye-rolls while attending Ursuline Academy in Delaware, where she says she was once given detention for “failure to remove [a fake] moustache when asked.”

#83. Kat Dennings
The Bryn Mawr native and 2 Broke Girls star was a total charmer when I interviewed her for Philadelphia magazine in 2008. What other woman on this list would joke about growing up in the woods, snorting cornmeal and giving up anorexia because she had serious bagel withdrawal? None, I tell you. Not a one.

#37. Amanda Seyfried
She gets major points for growing up in Allentown and her role in Mean Girls. Loses a few for never talking to her hometown magazine. We hear great things about your upcoming film Lovelace, Amanda. Give us a call and we promise not to ask about your “vagina tattoo.” At least not more than once.

#13. Taylor Swift
Another interviewee, the Wyomissing native has since gone on to sell approximately 750 gazillion records and destroy a few ex-boyfriends in thinly veiled songs about their inadequacies. To all the haters: She’s pro-Jersey Shore and King of Prussia Mall. What’s not to love?

Honorable Mentions
Lauren Cohan
Sure, the brains-splatterin’ Maggie on The Walking Dead left Cherry Hill for England as a teen and speaks with a British accent, but we’re still claiming her as a homegirl. And we’d very much want her watching our back when the real zombie apocalypse goes down.

Maggie Siff
After owning the local theater scene here, the Bryn Mawr College grad moved on to roles in two of television’s most acclaimed series, Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men. Further proof she’s cool: Siff danced to “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction at her wedding.

Piper Perabo
It’s been a tough year for the New Jersey coast, and nothing would help the rebuilding process more than putting a Jersey Shore native on a list of objectified women in various states of undress. Props to this Toms River gal who was last seen on USA’s Covert Affairs and Matthew Perry’s just-canceled sitcom, Go On. She’s also in an upcoming movie about being stalked by a large, angry beast that is not Chris Christie.