Watch: All the Gay Sketches On This Weekend’s SNL

This weekend Ben Affleck hosted what is probably the gayest Saturday Night Live yet. Here I round up clips.

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live, with host Ben Affleck, may have been the gayest one ever — with three LGBTQ-centric sketches that touched on everything from same-sex weddings to gay conversion therapy. Below I’ve rounded them all up. Just click on the image to watch the video.

My favorite , “New Xanax,” was a commercial about a new pill that relieves the anxiety of having to measure up to the fabulous-ness of gay weddings. Best moments: A man who’s fretting because he can’t keep up with the group of dancers who know every choreographed step to a Beyoncé song “that hasn’t even been released yet,” and a recent bride who’s embarrassed that she gave her guests Cheese Nips and a mini bottle of water as parting gifts, when her gay friends handed out tickets to Italy and $40K.

In this acid trip-y “Weekend Update” bit, anchor and SNL writer Seth Meyers chases down recurring character Stefon to tell him he loves him, only to find the cracked-out club kid in a church getting gay-married to Anderson Cooper.

In “New Beginnings” Affleck plays a camp counselor at a gay-conversion camp, where he tries to not only convince the young campers but himself that “straight is great.”

This sketch wasn’t particularly gay, but it was kind of hot to watch Ben Affleck talk about his “biggest man jiggles in the biz.”

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