Cherry Hill’s Woodcrest Country Club Will Be Auctioned Today; Norcross Among The Bidders

The Courier-Post reports:

CHERRY HILL — Woodcrest Country Club will go on the auction block today, one year after the Cherry Hill landmark declared bankruptcy.

Four bidders have qualified for the auction, with two indicating they want the 155-acre property to remain a golf course. A third bidder, Camden County, has said it would use open-space funds to prevent development at the site.

The latest bidders emerged over the weekend when a partnership led in part by George E. Norcross III said it wants Woodcrest to continue as a golf course. Norcross, an insurance executive and chairman of Cooper University Hospital, lives near Woodcrest.

Norcross, of course, is also one of the owners of Interstate General Media, which runs the city’s two major daily newspapers. He was also the subject of a recent Steve Volk profile at PhillyMag, which concluded that “this region’s relationship with him will remain tainted by an unquenched desire: to see George Norcross III climb onstage, stand before a podium, and take a deep and holy breath. To see George Norcross III hang his head—flashbulbs popping—and assume the position. ” Steve will no doubt be invited to play a round for free.