Nobody Can Beat Chris Christie in New Jersey

The conservative Daily Caller reports that N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s ostensible Democratic opponent for re-election, state Sen. Barbara Buono, has been urged to drop out of the race. She’s already 30 points down in the polls. Former Gov. Brendan Byrne urged her to get out.

“Buono is way behind,” Byrne said in a teleconference with the Newark Star Ledger. “I was way behind in 1977 and I was thinking, if it gets worse, I’m going to withdraw. It didn’t get worse. As a matter fact, it got better. But at one point I thought of dropping out in favor of a better-positioned candidate. I don’t know whether that consideration would appeal to Buono, but I would advise she make that evaluation.”

Remember when Jersey was a Democratic state? Now the Caller is labeling Christie as “unchallengeable.”