Star Wars And Doctor Who Fans Rumble at UK Convention

My wife and I are raising our 4-year-old son in a multi-faith household: He loves Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Why on earth would he want to choose? Why would we want him to?

Nonetheless, some people take the divisions pretty seriously. BBC reports that trouble flared Sunday at the fourth Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention at the University of East Anglia, as Doctor Who and Star Wars fans actually required police intervention:

Jim Poole, treasurer of Norwich Sci-Fi Club, said there was a history of rivalry and disputes between the two clubs, which both hold their own conventions in the city.

He said he had attended Sunday’s event with another club member to get the autographs of actors Graham Cole and Jeremy Bullock for a Doctor Who diary to be auctioned for charity.

Mr Poole said he was wearing a club top and his fellow member was dressed as the fifth Doctor, as played by Peter Davison.

He said once inside the hall, he received verbal abuse from a member of the rival club and called the police.

Thank god soccer wasn’t involved, or probably there would’ve been multiple injuries. Instead, the whole thing played like an episode of Community.

True story: The guy dressed as Judge Dredd waited outside instead of getting involved. The two clubs are going to try to work things out, because the best thing for all us sci-fi-loving folk to do is get along, live long, and prosper.