New Study Reveals Surprising Details About America’s Gay Marriage Supporters

The poll shows that 53 percent of the population supports gay marriage, but there are some fascinating results buried in the details.

Gallup released results from a new study yesterday that shows 53 percent of the U.S. population believes the law should recognize same-sex marriage. Great news, but not exactly surprising, considering we’ve seen several similar studies lately that yield the same results — even here in good ol’ PA. There are a few points buried in the details, however, that I think deserve a mention:

1. Support for Gay Marriage is Quickly On the Rise: This is the third gay marriage poll Gallup has done in the past year, and each one shows support at over 50 percent, suggesting, Gallup says, that America’s support on the issue is solidifying. And when compared to previous year’s studies, the numbers are skyrocketing. “Just three years ago, support for gay marriage was 44 percent. The current 53-percent level of support is essentially double the 27 percent in Gallup’s initial measurement on gay marriage, in 1996.”

2. More Older People Are Supporting Marriage Equality: That same poll, in 1996, showed that a mere 14 percent of voters over the age of 65 supported marriage equality. Today, Instinct points out, that number has risen to 41 percent.

3. Most Marriage Equality Supporters Think They’re in the Minority: Another particularly revealing section of the study says 63 percent say the public is opposed to gay marriage, meaning that “a segment of Americans who support same-sex marriage believe that their views are in the minority, while in reality they are in the majority.”

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