Questlove Is Very Unhappy ABC Canceled Happy Endings

Questlove is rightly celebrated for having extremely broad tastes—the fact that he’s not a snob about music, say, is what has made The Roots‘ run on Jimmy Fallon such a huge success: Without the band’s ability and willingness to play along with all of Fallon’s musical hijinks, the show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as it is.

Still, there’s nothing more fun than Questo’s commentary on modern sitcoms:

Which, to be fair: He’s right! Happy Endings was awesome! It’s just that I always assume that Questlove is too busy taking epic SEPTA journeys or reviving the dormant careers of soul legends to, you know, watch the same dumb shows I do. Shoulda known better. In any case, don’t worry Questlove: There’s still a chance USA Network could bring back the show.