Alas, Kacie McDonnell Not Leaving Fox 29 to Marry Prince Harry

Fox 29 traffic reporter Kacie McDonnell stalked Prince Harry during the royal Jersey Shore visit today, but alas, her dreams of becoming SILs with Kate aren’t happening (for now, because, you never know, and I don’t want to be the one to say a girl’s not princess material). Naturally, Fox 29’s Jennaphr Frederick was Kacie’s winglady.

Really, this is all for the best because who needs the paparazzi constantly trying to snap you topless and hours of painful small talk in receiving lines and endless thrusting of posies into one’s hands and the constant comparison to another long-haired brunette at the castle? Kacie, Philadelphia loves you too much to see you get Sarah Fergusoned. And besides,TV news personalities are royalty here!

Meanwhile, Chris Christie, not one for homemade signs, went ahead and bro-gifted Prince Harry with what the governor referred to on Twitter as a Royal Fleece.

At least, Kacie got a taste of international fame for her trouble.