Seth Meyers to Succeed Jimmy Fallon on Late Night, Roots Replacement Unknown

Saturday Night Live lead writer and “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers will succeed Jimmy Fallon at Late Night, NBC announced yesterday. (Fallon will mercifully replace Jay Leno, in case you missed the news while watching Colbert like everyone else.) The edgy, acerbic days of Late Night–yes, Conan and Letterman were edgy when they first hosted the show–are now officially behind us. Fallon and Meyers, unlike their predecessors, have a friendlier, more earnest thing going on. But here’s what really matters:

No decisions have been made yet about whether the format of the show will change in any substantial way, Mr. Meyers said — not even whether there will be a house band.

To keep the Philly streak alive, I nominate the fake Hall & Oates guys:

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