Boston Sandwich Shop Puts Too Many Pickles on Cheesesteak, Mayhem Ensues

On one hand, this story is proof that Bostonians don’t know how to make a proper cheesesteak. On the other hand, it demonstrates that Bostonians know this on some level.

Police said as the employee “dutifully prepared her sub,” Drouin began shouting that she was “putting too much s***” on the steak and cheese sandwich. The report said the suspect requested a refund for the food, but was denied, at which point she assaulted the sub maker by punching her in the face, before pushing “two large very heavy jars filled with pickles and pickle juice” towards the employee, causing them to smash on the ground, shattering into pieces.

The reason stated by police? The “whole incident began over ‘too many pickles.’” [Boston Magazine]