Watch: Daily News Writer Makes Cameo in Crazy Sheen vs. Jordan Basketball Game

Yesterday, Grantland tracked down a video from the late ’80s in which Michael Jordan plays Charlie and Martin Sheen in a basketball game. Yes. Things that will delight you: Emcee Dick Van Patten’s throwback New York accent, the Sheens in short shorts, Michael Jordan driving an oddly cramped and modest vehicle. Thing that will delight you additionally if you’re from Philly: A cameo by longtime Daily News sports columnist Stan Hochman, who serves as the match’s official prognosticator. He appears at the 1:45 mark.

The program “War of the Stars” pitted the Sheens and Michael Jordan in three separate events: Free throws, HORSE, and two-on-one.* Hochman’s predictions: Sheens take free throws, and Jordan wins the other two events. His reasoning:  “Michael Jordan is about 10,000 times better than the Sheens.” Oh, we shall see about that.

*Jordan had to shoot the freebies with his eyes closed, wasn’t allowed to dunk during HORSE, and spotted the Sheens 5 points in the game to ten.