Man Who Sent Homophobic Email to Center City Jazz Festival Apologizes

"I recognize that my choice of words was nonetheless irresponsible, unkind and simply wrong."

Yesterday, I posted an article about a homophobic stir-up that was caused when Martha Graham Cracker was invited to perform in this year’s Center City Jazz Festival. Local musician Joe Harrison emailed the festival’s creator in protest, saying, “Really, A faggot drag queen at a Jazz festival. You are disrespecting your ancestors!.”

If you can imagine, the post inspired some impassioned comments from viewers — one guy who said he emailed the pastor at the church where Harrison attends and works, and a lady on Facebook suggested that Harrison should be invited to Martha’s show so they can hug it out and do a duet. I also reached out to Harrison, but didn’t hear from him until last night, when he sent the following apology to my email and posted it in the story’s comment section:

First, I am very sorry for my email that prompted Mr. [Josh] Middleton’s May 7th blog. I also would like to clarify that the email was not written or sent collectively by the Joey Harrison Group, nor does it reflect the views of individual group members. I regrettably take complete responsibility for the contents of the email. I specifically apologize to Mr. Ernest Stuart and anyone else who was hurt, offended or embarrassed by my email. I did not intend for the email to be published; yet I recognize that my choice of words was nonetheless irresponsible, unkind and simply wrong. It is undeniable that our rich musical traditions are due to the contributions of people from all races, religions and background. Again, please accept my apology. Joe

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