Dzhokhar: Brothers Bombed Because of Wars in Middle East

The New York Times has landed what appears to be an enormous scoop, relaying what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev testified to F.B.I. officials immediately after he regained consciousness following his capture two weeks ago. According to unnamed federal officials, here’s what the 19-year-old suspect told them.

  • The Tsarnaev brothers were plotting an attack in protest to the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what they perceived as an anti-Muslim conspiracy.
  • They acted alone.
  • They had initially planned an attack on July 4th, but finished constructing their explosives early, so pushed up the date to Patriots Day.
  • They considered suicide bombings.
  • They were influenced by the preachings of radical Islamist and American citizen Ankar Al-Alwaki, whom the United States killed in Yemen using a drone strike.
  • They learned how to make their pressure-cooker explosives from an article in Inspire, Al-Qaeda’s online magazine, called “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

Dzhokhar spilled all this before he was read his Miranda Rights–remember, the “public safety exception” was invoked–which could play a big role if this case ever goes to trial. [NY Times]