Tsarnaev Update: One Brother’s Lover Speaks Out

Yesterday brought us the news that three additional suspects had been charged with relatively minor crimes in the Boston Bombing case. Today, we’ve learned a little bit more about the women in the Tsarnaev brothers’ lives. Dzhokhar, 19, was apparently the heartthrob of UMass-Dartmouth, a former flame tells Mother Jones:

I met him standing outside a building and honestly, his face was enough to capture my heart,” she explained, noting that lots of women fawned over him. “I walked right up to him and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you are adorable. Can we hang out?’ I’m very forward.”

As things progressed…

He wanted to go further than I did, and that made me uncomfortable, and I realized that that’s not the kind of person that I wanted to be around,” she says. “I don’t think that’s necessarily being a terrorist. I think that’s just called being a hands-y teenaged boy.”

His deceased brother Tamerlan, meanwhile, placed a phone call to his wife Katherine Russell a few hours after the F.B.I. released photos of the two brothers on Friday, April 26th, shortly before he died. Investigators do not yet know what the two discussed.