Scranton Gets One Last Office Party Before Fading Back Into Oblivion

Before NBC came along and made it the setting for the American version of The Office, Scranton wasn’t even notable for being the home of Joe Biden—because Biden was just some Delaware senator with a history of plagiarism. Indeed: That’s why Scranton was chosen to be the setting for the show, because of it’s very un-noteworthiness. It could just as easily have been Decatur, or Topeka.

But fate smiled on Scranton, and Scranton is taking advantage one last time: With a big party to celebrate the finale of The Office.

Organizers are now expecting at least 5,000 people to attend festivities in Scranton this weekend to commemorate the final episode of the NBC comedy “The Office,” which is set in the northeastern Pennsylvania city.

The Pocono Record reports organizers have made that projection, with tickets still on sale. Saturday’s events include a question-and-answer session with cast members at the University of Scranton, a parade and street fair and a wrap party at PNC Field in Moosic.

Just about every cast member is expected to attend. The big question: Does that include Steve Carrell? There’s only one way to find out. Unfortunately, it involves going to a big party in Scranton.