Playdar: Jewel Goes Club Diva on ‘The Greatest Hits Remixed’

Jewel is back to save our soul — one disco ball at a time.

Singer-songwriter Jewel has gone through a lot of transitions — from starving artist sleeping in her van to chart-topping pop princess and country-folk singer to fierce disco diva. On her latest album release, The Greatest Hits Remixed, some of the sweet-voiced Alaskan’s most memorable hits are given new life as thunderous house anthems and sexy after-hours grooves.

My favorites? DJ Juanjo Martin infuses Jewel’s 2001 country hit “Standing Still” with just the right amount of base to whip it into that perfect club-ready superstorm. DJ Cutmore’s revamp of “Foolish Games” turns the haunting ballad into a vicious, bonafide dancefloor hit. And 2003’s bubblegum-pop-tastic “Intuition” gets sexed up with a slinky late-night lounge beat courtesy of Todd Terry.

My only complaint is that “2 Hearts Breaking” is remixed four times. Two of them — The Bimbo Jones and Andi Durrant & Steve More versions — are playlist must-haves. But the other two? Eh, it starts to seem like overkill. Other than that, this is a blast of an album that gives fans a whole new reason to enjoy Jewel’s lengthy roster of beautiful hits. Let’s just say girl is back to save our soul — one disco ball at a time.

Check out some of the above-mentioned highlights below: