Buzzfeed: Penn University: Sexy And Smart. Temple? Halfway There.

Buzzfeed is awesome at making lists, and the site’s latest list is especially flattering locally: The University of Pennsylvania comes in fourth in Buzzfeed’s rankings of universities that combine sexy hotness with intellectual achievements. (Does this have anything to do with Business Nude? Who cares!) Princeton, Dartmouth, and Brown rank right ahead of the Quakers.

Says Buzzfeed: “Coming in 17th in academics and 33rd in hotness, Penn beats out several of its Ivy brethren. John Legend enrolled at 16 and studied English and African-American literature.”

The bad news? Though it’s not ranked, Temple University came in well-represented on “most-sexy” among the schools…but way down the list of smarts. Penn State, on the other hand, might’ve missed out on the Top 10, but it also ranked highly for the sexy-smart combo.

Of course, the kids at Penn’s Under The Button blog are bragging: “Penn kind of kicked the curve’s ass,” they exult. And yeah, it really is all about the curves this time, isn’t it?