After Obama Criticism, University Withdraws Speaking Invitation For Philly Pastor

National Review reports that the Rev. Kevin Johnson, pastor of Philly’s Bright Hope Baptist Church, has found himself un-invited from a speaking gig at Morehouse College—this after he wrote a newspaper column criticizing President Obama.

That Philadelphia Tribune column was called, “A President For Everyone, Except Black People.” He wrote:

Given the president’s poor record in catapulting an economic and empowerment agenda for the African-American community, we must begin asking the questions:

  • Why are we so loyal to a president who is not loyal to us?
  • What is it about our community that we continue to support candidates nationally and locally just because their skin has been “kissed by nature’s sun”?
  • And more importantly, why are we loyal to a Democratic Party that often ignores us and takes our votes for granted?

Shortly after the column ran, Johnson said, he was told he had been replaced at a graduation ceremony at Morehouse, a historically black university.

Johnson does have defenders. “If President Wilson turns his back on one of our most distinguished alums because of an exercise of free speech and political commentary, he will have set Morehouse on a dangerous course and departed from the great tradition bequeathed to us,” Rev. Dr. Amos Brown of the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, Ca. told East Atlanta Patch.  No word on whether protests will result in Johnson’s restoration to the original speaking slot.