This Is How Easy It Is To Overlook Sexual Abuse

Turns out a Philadelphia elementary teacher accused last week of raping his niece for eight years had caused some concern around the school—but not enough to keep him away from students. 6ABC reports that a half-dozen teen boys at Sumo Dukulah’s school complained about his activities back in January, saying he frequently touched them and made comments of a sexual nature. Dukulah was suspended … for just a week.

In retrospect, parents of the boys say, they should’ve taken the allegations more seriously:

At first, (parent Larry) Dockwood thought Dukulah’s tough teaching style was being misunderstood by his son.

“Now, I look at it and remember the expressions on my son’s face when he was telling me this and how serious it really is,” Dockwood said.

At this point, investigators don’t believe Dukulah sexually abused any of his students.

“Suspension is not enough. Once sexual comments come out, that’s a bye-bye, you don’t let them come back,” (parent Dawn) Hawkins said.

The case remains under investigation.