Watch Eastern PA Congressman Receive the Colbert Treatment

Consider this Matt Cartwright’s freshman hazing. The first-term Democrat, who represents a district that has been gerrymandered drawn to include Scranton, Pottsville, and Easton, was featured on Stephen Colbert’s recurring segment “Better Know a District.” Cartwright, who says he’s a fan of Colbert, nonetheless fell into his trap several times.

  • After Colbert interpreted ‘transient’ as ‘transgendered,’ Cartwright was quick to clarify that he was in no way referring to the gender or sexuality of migrant farm workers.
  • Colbert got him to say, in Spanish (more or less) “Hey you guys, get out of my neighborhood.”
  • “Taught” him to ride a bike.

Cartwright, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the London School of Economics, comes across as a real decent, earnest fellow. But for a guy who must have known what he was getting himself into, he doesn’t seem to know how to respond to Colbert, his mouth almost permanently agape throughout the interview.