Philadelphia Home: Elizabeth Nettles’ Chic Graduate Hospital Digs

In her cozy Grad-Ho living room, event planner Elizabeth Nettle expertly mixes could-be-clashy patterns and colors for a playfully elegant look.


My style: I like eclectic, bold, whimsical interiors—vintage mixed with ethnic and a little bit of glam.

DIY drapery: They’re $20 canvas curtains from IKEA. I painted the pattern on them. I like that you can see the little mistakes, so it’s not just the same mod chevron print that everyone else has. It feels more unique.

Animal instinct: I’m drawn to animals. They bring life to a home, even when they’re inanimate. I have antique Staffordshire dogs that belonged to my grandmother, and lots of little brass animals.

Sofa: I love chinoiserie, and this has the amazing elephants and umbrellas and monkeys on it.

Ethnic flair: The artwork is a Mexican Otomi fabric that I framed. I like its handmade quality.

Lucky finds: The chair with the ikat print is from HomeGoods. It was made to be a dining room chair, and I had the legs cut off so it sits more at lounge-chair height.

In the pink: That pink ottoman is a thrift-store find. I wanted something round; you need different shapes in a room. I found three or four yards of amazing vintage pink velvet, and I used it all around the house. It’s got little dings in the velvet, so you know it’s old.

Happy place: I know my space is really kooky. I suspect there are people in my life who think it’s cool, but they wouldn’t want to live in it. But boring spaces depress me. To me, this is joyful.