6 ABC’s Cecily Tynan Will Finish the Broad Street Run Ahead of You

Fact of the afternoon: 6 ABC Meteorologist Cecily Tynan completed last year’s Broad Street Run in just over an hour, finishing first in her age group (40-44). This year she’s gunning for 1:01:00, a minute faster than last year’s mark. Be Well Philly’s Emily Leaman interviews her here, and I’ll just excerpt her answer to the inevitable weather question. The rest you can read at the source.

I always feel, especially in a race this distance, you shouldn’t overdress. Even if it’s cool in the morning, you don’t want to wear long sleeves and tights. Your body will heat up and you’ll be too hot. If it’s cool that day, my running uniform will be shorts, a light top, compression socks—they really help my calves—some arm warmers and cotton gloves I can throw away. I’d rather be a little too cold at first than overheated later. If you start to get overheated, your body starts to use its energy to cool off. I’m hoping on race day it’ll be cloudy and cool with a 60-mile-per-hour tailwind.

The race–not like you don’t know–is May 5th. [Be Well Philly]