Randall Cunningham Wants To Teach Kids “Safe” Football

There’s a lot of discussion lately about whether the game of football can be played safely, but former Philadelphia Eagles’ QB Randall Cunningham—one of the greatest video game characters ever—believes it can be. The Associated Press reports he has joined USA Football as an ambassador for its “Heads Up” football safety program, teaching kids in more than 900 youth leagues the proper way to tackle.

Cunningham wants to teach kids the “right skills”:

“I thank God I had good coaches all my life, from Pop Warner on up,” said Cunningham, who played 16 seasons with Philadelphia, Minnesota, Dallas and Baltimore. “I had coaches who did play the game, not just rah-rah guys. They came back from their football careers and sowed into the community. These guys who went to the NFL or went off and played in college, they have a lot more to give. You can’t just wash away experience.”

You can wash away experience, actually, with a bunch of hits to the head. And those hits aren’t easy to avoid in football, even with proper tackling techniques. Here’s hoping for Cunningham’s continued health, and wisdom in structing players.