Amanda Palmer Writes Poem For Boston Bombing Suspect

The last time that New York musician Amanda Palmer pissed people off, it was because she tried to get away with paying guest musicians with beer after raising $1.2 million in a Kickstarter drive. Well, she’s back to pissing people off again, but this time in a much bigger way.

Last night, Palmer released “A Poem for Dzhokhar” on her blog. Apparently, she considers herself on a first-name basis with Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for whom the poem was written.

Here’s a sample of the drivel:

you don’t know how it felt to be in the womb but it must have been at least a little warmer than this.

you don’t know how intimately they’re recording your every move on closed-circuit cameras until you see your face reflected back at you through through the pulp.

you don’t know how to stop picking at your fingers.

you don’t know how little you’ve been paying attention until you look down at your legs again.

you don’t know how many times you can say you’re coming until they just stop believing you.

you don’t know how orgasmic the act of taking in a lungful of oxygen is until they hold your head under the water.

you don’t know how many vietnamese soft rolls to order.

you don’t know how convinced your parents were that having children would be, absolutely, without question, the correct thing to do.

you don’t know how precious your iphone battery time was until you’re hiding in the bottom of the boat.

you don’t know how to get away from your fucking parents.

you don’t know how it’s possible to feel total compassion in one moment and total disconnection in the next moment.

you don’t know how things could change so incredibly fast.

Over 800 commenters have weighed so far, and Gawker has already declared it the “worst poem of all time”, which is saying quite a lot.