Delaware Watch: The State is One Step Closer to Marriage Equality [UPDATED]

The state's House Administration Committee votes to send the bill to a House floor vote.

You are now entering a gay-marriage-friendly state.

Delaware lawmakers are moving right along on their promise to make their state the 10th in the nation to legalize gay marriage. Last Monday, Governor Jack Markell said he hoped to introduce legislation that would amend Delaware’s statute on marriage to allow gay couples to tie the knot. The next day he did it. And yesterday, Gay Star News reports, the bill moved to the House panel, where it was given a big ol’ thumbs up.

After a succinct 90-minute debate, Delaware’s House Administration Committee voted 4 to 1 to send the bill to a House floor vote. Those who spoke in favor of the amendment, like Jared and John, two children of lesbian mothers, said, “No child should have to fight for their hardworking, dedicated parents to have the same rights as other parents.”

One of the opposing arguments was that religious groups worried they’d be forced to officiate gay weddings. To take care of that, House Democrats sent out a simple tweet for assurance: “[The bill] states no clergy of any denomination required to perform any marriage, including same-sex, that doesn’t conform w/religious beliefs.”

After that, the voting happened, sending the bill to the House floor where it will be debated today, Thu., April 18.

They’re not wasting any time, huh? I love how this state works.

You can read the rest of the Gay Star News piece, here. Stay tuned for updates.

Updated [10:58 a.m., 4/22/2013]: Delaware House of Representatives sets date to vote for HB75. Click here for more details.

Updated [6:08 p.m., 4/23/2013]: House votes to approve marriage-equality bill. Click here for more details.

Updated [4:38 p.m., 5/1/2013]: Senate Committee approves Delaware marriage equality bill, sending it on to the Senate for a full vote. Click here for more details.


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