Bradley Cooper Visited Patients at a Boston Hospital Today

I’m afraid I don’t have more for you than this tidbit. But it confirms what we already knew about Cooper–he’s a very good guy.

As of this afternoon, 16 patients remained at Boston Medical Center, where doctors have amputated seven limbs on five patients.

Doctors likened the injuries they were treating to those suffered by troops in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sixteen patients remain in the hospital, Burke said: one 60-year-old man is still in critical condition, 10 patients are in serious condition and five are in fair condition

Three patients have been discharged, while doctors plan on making two more operations today. There are of course many other patients at different hospitals as well, including the mother of a five-year-old being treated today at BMC. Cooper was in the Boston area, shooting his new film American Hustle, which depicts the ABSCAM scandal of the ’70s.