5 Gay Things To Do at the Philadelphia Science Festival

A list of PSF events that have homo (sexual and sapien) written all over them.

This scientist is making some sort of fabulous potion.

I don’t want to pander to stereotypes, but let’s face it, the Philadelphia Science Festival (PSF) probably won’t draw the gayest crowd on Earth — but that’s not to say it shouldn’t. Here, I round up five events from the 10-day festival that have homo (-sexual and -sapien) written all over them.

Analyze the full list after the jump.

1. Skinned, Stuffed and Mounted: The History, Culture and How-To of Taxidermy
Bears, otters, chickens … the LGBTQ community is full of animals — animals that probably wouldn’t mind an occasional mounting and stuffing. (With a name like that, they were just asking for dirty jokes, right?) Innuendos aside, this session, led by The Breathless Zoo author Rachel Poliquin and local “rogue taxidermist” Beth Beverly (pictured), will offer a fascinating look at the history of taxidermy and a peek at the Wagner Institute’s impressive catalogue of preserved specimens. Sun., April 21, 2 p.m., $10, The Wagner Free Institute of Science, 1700 W. Montgomery Ave.

Baklava — one of the dessert-y treats that will be sampled at Sweet and Savory: Hives and Honey.

2. Sweet and Savory: Hives and Honey
The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild knows how to throw a party. They’re incorporating honey-sweetened cocktails and nibbles into this informative lecture on bees and “the delicious nectars they produce.” Plus, come on, no bee party would be complete without a few queens in the hive. Mon., April 22, $30, Continental, 138 Market St.

3. Science Day at the Ballpark
While the Phillies battle homestate rivals the Pittsburgh Pirates, you can browse a host of activity stations that explain the science behind some of baseball’s greatest feats — you know, like curveballs and homeruns and how in the hell Chase Utley melts himself into those tight pants. Thu., April 25, 1:05 p.m., ticket prices vary, Citizens Bank Park, 1 Citizens Way.

4. Fun with Fermentation: Kimcheese
Add some zest to your food-pairing skills at this session that teaches the unlikely art of matching cheese with kimchi. The fabulously named Madame Fromage (pictured) will walk you through as you taste cheese samples from DiBruno Brothers and kimchis made by Philly fermentation diva Amanda Feifer. If you’re guests are leery of the pair-up, tell them that you learned at the Philadelphia Science Festival that the two foods are “intrinsically linked by the chemistry and microbiology that make them both delicious.” Then follow that with, “So shut up and take a bite, bitch!” Thu., April 25, $15, DiBruno Brothers, 1730 Chestnut St.

5. Science for Sinners
This happy hour discussion puts a “science spin” on the Seven Deadly Sins, and there’s at least one on that list we can all relate to: Pride. I mean, hello. Gays invented that one. Sun., April 28, 6 p.m., $5, Frankford Hall, 1210 Frankford Ave.

The Philadelphia Science Festival starts today (Thu., April 18) and runs through April 28. For more information on events and to buy tickets, sashay to philasciencefestival.org.

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