Hey Twentysomethings: Here Are 16 Things You Can Do With the Sunday Inquirer

The cheapest way to access the paywalled websites means you'll be getting a physical paper once a week.

As my colleague Joel Mathis reported last week, the launch of the Daily News and Inquirer paywalled websites isn’t just about pageviews. It’s also about trying to sell some more newspapers, since print products are still the lifeblood of any legacy media organization (including this website’s parent mag). The new all-access digital subscription plans are cheapest if you get one weekend paper delivered. No brainer in terms of economical value.

It’s a little backwards, though, if you consider that young people are most likely to want the cheapest subscription price. They’re also the folks least likely to want a physical paper dropped on their stoop every Saturday or Sunday. Here, 16 creative ways to repurpose the stack of dead trees you’ve opted-in to.

1. Party hats
You know, for your big celebration about the future of digital journalism. You’re having one of those, right?

2. Become a conspiracy theorist
If A Beautiful Mind taught us anything, it’s that in order to be a convincing genius/nutcase, you must plaster your walls with newspaper clippings. Pick a controversial story and just go gangbusters. Who knows? It might raise your IQ.

3. Paper-mache volcanoes
Fun for the whole family!

4. Litter box liner
Also good for catching bird droppings and puppy poo.

5. Confetti
Good to have handy for spontaneous parties.

6. Window washing
Forget Windex. This is the actual way to achieve streak-free windows on your home or car.

7. Nail art
Sexy librarian types, take note.

8. Collaging
Pinterest made it cool again. Go retro and clip out your favorite words and photos and glue them to … anything. If you’re entrepenuerial, sell your creations on Etsy.

9. Make fish and chips
And serve them the authentic way: wrapped in the day’s newspaper.

10. Cover text books
Not in school? Just cover books on your shelf. It could be a trend one day.

11. Wrapping paper
In 1998, I thought wrapping presents in the comics section was tacky. In 2013, I think it is eco-friendly.

12. Fire starter
It is almost grill season after all.

13. Packing materials
They say moving is as stressful as losing a loved one. Stockpile newspapers so the packing part goes smoothly.

14. Paper airplanes
You’re never too old.

15. Stretch out your shoes.
Pay attention, brides. Philadelphia Wedding magazine endorses this.

16. Record separators
Place a sheet between the vinyl records you bought of Record Store Day to protect them from scratches.