TV Alert: Gay Soccer Star Robbie Rogers to Appear on Nightline Tonight [Updated]

After recently coming out, Rogers will talk about what it was like hiding his secret from his teammates and his decision to quit the sport.

Tonight on Nightline, Robbie Rogers, the pro soccer star who recently came out of the closet, will chat about what it was like being gay on his team and explain his decision to give up the sport after coming out last month. In a brief trailer of the interview, which can be seen here, Rogers talks about hearing gay slurs in the locker room and how he lived in fear of his teammates finding out his secret.

“You go to work … having the feeling that ‘I hope no one figures out I’m gay.’ If that happens you can’t play the sport you love. … The guys on your team are your best friends, your brothers … if you’re not the same as them, you’re an outcast.”

The interview airs tonight (Mon., April 15) on ABC. Check local listings for time.

UPDATE: Rogers will also be interviewed Anderson Cooper on AC360 tonight at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on CNN.