Redhook Brewery Releases Ads Promoting LGBTQ Rights

The funny ads rally for gay marriage with funny slogans like "You can't spell lesbian without ESB."

The Seattle-based Redhook Brewery is the latest company to back LGBTQ rights with a hilarious series of ads that simultaneously tout three of the brewery’s beers and equality.

The company is no stranger to pro-gay advertisements. In November, when marriage equality was on the ballot in Washington, Redhook released this ad, which said “Marriage is so gay. It’s about time.”

The latest series of posters ties in the equality message with three of its beers. The ad for the Extra Special Bitter (ESB) targets the ladies-loving-ladies community with “You can’t spell lesbian without ESB.” The funniest of the trio, however, is the one for Long Hammer IPA: “Because two long hammers are better than one.”

I called around to see where you can pick up a case of Redhook, because, not being a beer drinker, I didn’t have a clue. Turns out it’s not as readily available as I’d hoped. Among the handful of places I called, you can find it at Bella Vista Beer Distributor (755 S. 11th St.) and The Bottle Shop (1837 E. Passyunk).

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