Pat Toomey’s Gun Bill Spoofed on Saturday Night Live

Not real Pat Toomey, of course, but Bill Hader Pat Toomey, wearing a wig to grant him an XL-Toomey-style forehead. (Though the real Pat Toomey does have a sense of humor, we found out recently.) In SNL’s cold open, Jay Pharoah’s Barack Obama introduced Toomey and West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin (Jason Sudeikis), to tout their new gun control plan. Among the hard-hitting new regulations Toomey announced: “We have agreed to limit the number of guns you can shoot at once…to two” as well as a ban on selling AK-47s from coin-operated vending machines.

In conclusion: “Is this bill what we wanted? No. Is it what the NRA wanted? But does it at least help in some small way? No.” It’s unclear to what extent this is actually true of the real bill. One prominent gun rights group has in fact come out in favor of Toomey and Manchin’s proposal to expand background checks, but it seems unlikely the bill has any shot in the House of Representatives.