George Bush Opens Up About His Painting Hobby (Plus: New Paintings)

Time for an update on George W. Bush’s oil-painting habit. First, the shower/bath shots. Then the cats and dogs. Now, W. himself (rather than hacker “Guccifer”) has released a few more paintings to the Dallas Morning News, to whom he also gave an exclusive interview. “People are surprised,” he said of the paintings. “Of course, some people are surprised I can even read.”

Here’s a portrait of Barney, which can be found in 43’s Facebook gallery of Barney photos.

Other details: He’s been painting for a year, since an artist friend of his told him he had chops. He takes lessons once a week. And he was influenced by Winston Churchill’s book “Painting as a Pastime.” Also, he’s headlining the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Outsider Art” exhibit, on display until June 9th.

[Dallas Morning News]