PA Politician Kicked Out of His Band for Supporting Gay Marriage

Commissioner Mark Smith was booted from Christian rock band One Floor Away because he believes people should be able to marry who they want. reports that Bradford County, Pa. commissioner and Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Mark Smith was kicked out of his Christian rock band, One Floor Away, because of his support for same-sex marriage.

Smith, the band’s lead guitarist, said the group’s record producer and some of his bandmates approached him about denouncing his support for marriage equality. When he refused, they gave him the boot. For now, the group has refused to make a comment on their move, but Smith is sticking strong to his beliefs. In the piece, he says, “I’m a liberal Democrat, and I feel we should certain[ly] allow people to marry who they please. … Equality is the foundation of this country; it’s not something I’ll back down on.”

Spoken like a true Christian, if you ask me.

You can read the rest of’s story here.

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