McGinty In, As Governor’s Race Just Got A Whole Lot More Interesting

Ladies and gents, we have ourselves a new challenger. Kathleen McGinty, former Rendell Department of Environmental Protection Chief, has thrown her proverbial hat in the ring, creating the obvious reality that the two frontrunners challenging Tom Corbett’s throne are women. And what’s more, Dave Davies points out, they have very very similar profiles:

Like Schwartz, McGinty is a pro-choice, progressive woman with Philadelphia roots who favors Obamacare and gun control. In other words, she occupies much of the same political terrain as Schwartz. And like Schwartz, she has national political connections having served in the Clinton administration. That’s helpful in fundraising.

Mr. Admiral is probably licking his chops at the possibility of a split-vote primary scenario, as he contemplates a run. That said, he’s not exactly beloved outside the Philaburbs liberal bubble either. [Newsworks]