City Keeps On Screwing Things Up for Hero Who Found Abducted Girl

Nelson Mandela Myers, the man who found a five-year-old West Philadelphia girl abducted earlier this year, will finally receive his $10,000 reward today, after several months of waiting. But the city still managed to screw up this week, initiating a chain of event that led to more bad news for Myers.

On April 5th, Myers’s wife got a call from the Mayor’s office, telling her the check would be sent out on Monday. Later that day, the city appears to have changed its mind, tellings Myers that he was to come to City Hall instead. While getting money from an ATM to catch a train from Upper Darby to Center City, one of Myers’s sons had part of his pinkie cut off by a closing door, forcing them to hail a cab and rush to a hospital. Said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood: “You know, if they want them down there, send a car to pick them up to drive them down there.” A make-up appointment has been scheduled for today, and it appears they’ll be making the trip again themselves. [Daily News]