Delaware Watch: Marriage Equality Legislation to Be Announced in Delaware [UPDATED]

Then it seems like it's only a matter of time before it becomes the tenth state in the country to legalize same-sex unions.

Lawmakers in Delaware are working their tooshes off to make sure their state becomes the tenth in the country to legalize gay marriage. Slate reports that heavyweight officials — we’re talking governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state senate president, speaker of the house— will meet in Wilmington today to announce legislation that would make marriage equality a reality in America’s first state.

The only thing that needs to happen is an amendment to Delaware’s statute on marriage, which prohibits marriage between “persons of the same gender.” The numbers are totally on our side. Not only are Delaware voters in favor of legalizing gay marriage, but the state house is controlled by the Democrats with a 26-15 majority and the state senate is split 13-8 on the Democrats’ side. Plus, Governor Jack Markell has announced that he will sign any pro-gay marriage legislation into law.

Updated [11:22 a.m., 4/12/2013]: As promised, gay marriage legislation unveiled in Delaware. Click here for more details.

Updated [9:03 a.m., 4/18-2013]: The state’s House Administration Committee votes to send the bill to a House floor vote. Click here for more details.

Updated [10:58 a.m., 4/22/2013]: Delaware House of Representatives sets date to vote for HB75. Click here for more details.

Updated [6:08 p.m., 4/23/2013]: House votes to approve marriage-equality bill. Click here for more details.

Updated [4:38 p.m., 5/1/2013]: Senate Committee approves Delaware marriage equality bill, sending it on to the Senate for a full vote. Click here for more details.

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