A Really Lucky Guy Had His Life Saved By A Belt Buckle

A new reason to not let your pants sag down below your bum–besides it not being the 1990s anymore. 4 p.m. yesterday in Gray’s Ferry, one man shot another man, who’s in critical condition. A stray bullet also entered a nearby store, where it lodged itself inside a man’s belt buckle.

He was getting ready to take a hand truck outside when a shootout broke out in the street. “I went outside and heard the shots and I hit the floor,” said Reynoso. Moments later a pound cake falls by his head that was hit by another bullet…Shortly thereafter, someone pointed out to him that he had a hole in his shirt and that is when he noticed the bullet stuck to his belt buckle.

There’s your heartwarming Philly story of the day, folks. Enjoy it. [ABC 6]