Paterno Family: We Really Really Care About Child Abuse!

Today, Sue and Jay headlined a child abuse prevention breakfast in the state capital, and brother Scott says that’s not all:

“We’re going to be involved with anybody that we think can help us move the ball forward,” Paterno said, adding may mean different things for different groups. Today, it was headlining an event. Other times it may be raising funds. On still other occasions, it may be some type of behind-the-scenes work.

Inspired in part by a note written by his father just before he died, Scott says the family’s going to donate time, money, and of course, the Paterno name to fight child abuse. That’s laudable and all, but I’ll bet “Thanks, but no thanks,” is the reaction a lot of folks are going to have to this news. The last thing a victim of child abuse may want to see next to a prevention effort is the Paterno name. [Patriot-News]