Watch: Jon Stewart Evolutionizes Gay Marriage

The The Daily Show host's Darwinian graphic explains lawmakers evolving opinion on same-sex nuptials.

At last count, there are only three Democratic senators who have yet to come out in support of gay marriage — ahem, Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and Mark Pryor (Arkansas). And with the way things are going, I expect that number to be zero by the end of the week. Even some of the most blabber-mouthed conservatives are admitting defeat. This weekend Rand Paul conceded that “we’re going to lose that issue,” and, perhaps most surprising of all, shock jocks Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly admitted that gay marriage supporters have a “compelling argument” on their side.

Things are changing fast, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been a long time coming — or that we don’t have got a long way to go. Last night on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart illustrated the slow-moving progression toward gay-marriage acceptance in a Darwinian graphic, and then poked fun of the Republicans who have yet to evolve. Speaking of evolving, he also shared an interesting fact that more Americans support gay marriage than believe in evolution. The funny graphic’s up top. You can see the whole segment, here.

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