Bart Blatstein Ready To Start Piazza Expansion

Almost as an aside to his piece about Bart Blatstein moving to Rittenhouse Square, PhillyDeals blogger Joseph DiStefano got a little news about the developer’s next business project: Development of land adjacent to The Piazza in Northern Liberties. Blatstein sold his controlling interest in The Piazza, but that’s not the end of his involvement in the neighborhood.

What about the build-out of the two additional apartment buildings planned at Piazza? I asked? “I still own that land,” along with the building where his Tower Investments offices are located, Blatstein said. at the Piazza. When will he build more? “I’m looking at it now. The market here is very hot. This neighborhood is on fire. Even across Girard Ave north, everything’s being sold.”

People made a lot of fun of The Piazza when it opened—particularly since it arrived during the ravages of the recession—but Blatstein’s willingness to proceed may mean his original calculation wasn’t so far off the mark.