On Tuesday, NFL And Former Players Go To Battle In Philly Courtroom

On Tuesday, a lawsuit against the NFL by thousands of former players reaches a critical point: Senior U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody of Philadelphia will hear arguments about whether the suit—over whether the league should’ve done a better job notifying and protecting those players from head injuries—should proceed.

AP reports:  “If Brody sides with the players, she would then rule on some broader issues, which are expected to include hard-fought battles over the science of concussions and brain injuries, along with the players’ claims of fraud and negligence. The cases would then be returned to their home states to resolve individual damage claims, based on each player’s history.”

She might also rule, however, that all of the players’ complaints are covered by their collective bargaining agreement—and leave it to the league and those thousands of players to settle complaints individually, instead of as a class.The future of the league may well be decided in a Philly courtroom this week.