News for Mets Haters: Mike Piazza to Appear in Miami Ballet Performance

Retired Mets catcher, longtime Phillies foe, and Norristown native Mike Piazza will appear in a Miami City Ballet performance of “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.” Look, there will always be people who say certain things about Mike Piazza and his sexuality, and this news probably isn’t going to quell their suspicion. Because many of those same people are probably likely to equate men doing ballet with being gay. So, whatever. But on a somewhat related note, I do hope the ballet news inspires more indie-pop musings on Piazza, New York Catcher. For the record: Piazza will play a gangster, probably won’t dance, and will appear only for a few minutes. And he’s doing it to please his six-year-old daughter, a student at the company’s ballet school. [AP]