Big East Gets Horrible New Name

AAC! Yes, that’s exactly what I said when I found out what the Big East would be called next year: AAC! The conference formerly known as the Big East, stripped of its Catholic basketball-first schools, will be adopt the boring, meaningless and awkwardly acronymed name, the American Athletic Conference. The league will feature (for the time being) Rutgers, Louisville, Connecticut, South Florida, Cincinnati, Central Florida, Memphis, Houston, SMU and Temple. AAC! To clear up any confusion: there will be another conference called the “Big East” next year, but it’ll only consist of those aforementioned Catholic basketball schools.

Said new AAC! Commissioner Mike Aresco on the decision:  “American Athletic Conference represents a strong,durable and aspirational name for our re-invented Conference.” Aspirational? What, are these schools still applying for U.S. citizenship?  [CBS 3]