Local Writer Nominated for ASME Award for Gay-Centric Story in Rolling Stone

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[1]Many congrats to national journalist and former Philly mag senior writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who was just named a finalist in the American Society of Magazine Editors’ (ASME) annual 2013 National Magazine Awards[2]. For those of you who don’t know, this is the equivalent of an Oscar nod for us in the magazine world. So it’s kind of a huge deal.

Her nominated story, “School of Hate[3],” which is up for ASME’s Public Interest award, was published in Rolling Stone in February 2012. It concerns gay teens subjected to serious bullying in their school in Anoka,  Minn. — the epicenter of an anti-gay “culture war” led by local evangelicals and inspired by the area’s congressional representative, Miss Crazy Eyes herself, Michele Bachmann. You can — and should — read the piece here[4].

UPenn alum Erdely began working for Philly mag in 1994. She is currently a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and has published works everywhere from Glamour to Mother Jones to Men’s Health. This is her second National Magazine Award nomination — the first being a story she wrote for Philadelphia magazine, “Intimate Intimidation[5].”

The 2013 awards — called Ellies — will be presented at a gala on May 2.

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