One Upside to the Phillies’ Monstrous, Bloated Payroll: Wage Taxes!

The Phillies, as I wrote last week, are among the most inefficient spenders in the league. Last year especially, they spent a lot and didn’t have much to show for it. The silver lining? The more Ruben Amaro spends (second-most in the league, at about $180 million this year) the more the city collects in wage tax (4%).

According to compensation data available for 19 members of the Phillies roster, the players will pay at least $5.8 million in city wage taxes this year.

Which NBC 10 says equals: enough money to fund the Mayor’s office and its 35 staffers fora  year. Or 94 cops. Or, I might add…about 1/20th of the amount Philadelphians paid to help build Citizens Bank Park. Aw hell, who cares today: Here’s the lineup.


The biggest wage-tax spender, as we’ll call him, is Cliff Lee ($874,625). Smallest is young Ben Revere ($18,017). [NBC 10]