New Temple Dorm Alarmingly Flammable

For the seventh time in the past month-and-a-half, (seventh time) a 27-story high-rise dormitory Morgan Hall has caught on fire. All seven fires have been smallish, and all appear to be arsons. The latest, which was set in a trash can, occurred at the garage level. All the others were set higher up, above the 10th floor. (Rival arsonists?) Luckily for the students, there are no students yet, as the $216 million building is currently under construction.

“It’s another annoying fire that we believe the same individual or individuals are doing,” Woltemate said. “When they do get caught, they’re going to be charged and arrested, probably at the federal level.”

Indeed, the feds are serious, and have teamed up with the dorm’s construction firm to offer a $15,000 reward to anyone who identifies the arsons. [The Temple News]