Inquirer Copies New York Times’s Wawa vs. Sheetz Story…Two Months Later

On February 9, the New York Times’s Trip Gabriel wrote an amusing account of Pennsylvania’s Sheetz vs. Wawa rivalry, delighting readers near and far. So well-received was the piece, the Inquirer decided to try and write it again. Two months later!*

New York Times

In Pennsylvania, two convenience chains stir tribal loyalties, a commitment as deep as bonds with the Philadelphia Phillies or Pittsburgh Pirates.


Pennsylvania divides a few ways: Phillies vs. Pirates. Democratic ex-factory towns vs. Republican ex-farming townships. Nittany Lions fans vs. everyone else.

You get the idea. [Inquirer]

*Without actually talking to any customers!

Correction: This post originally stated that the Daily News, not the Inquirer published the piece. Call it snarky media criticism karma.